Sunday, May 29, 2011

KUNG ZHU storyboards

This board was done on more of a TV schedule, it's rougher than the feature boards, but it was fun doing action which partially parodies Star Wars  and kung fu movies. Please click on the link below to see the board:

ALPHA & OMEGA storyboards

I worked on last years Crest Animation/Lionsgate production Alpha and Omega for about nine months, I would be assigned sequences with some instruction from the director and then given some freedom to explore ideas in the rough stage. That's what's really fun, when you are given the opportunity to put something of yourself into a board be it a gag or piece of unscripted action, even more rewarding is when the director agrees.

This is sequence 1 the opening of the movie. It doesn't play like this in the movie much of it was cut out and probably for good reason . . . it would have been too long. Please click on the links below to see the board, I had to split it into four parts:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

VIVA PINATA storyboard

The storyboards on VIVA PINATA were challenging in that the characters didn't have hands, but it was kind of fun in that I was allowed to call on classic animation like Tex Avery when handling comic situations. This was my favorite episode Wild Horstachios. Please click on the link below to see the board: